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After my surgery…

     When I began my brain tumor journey, I wished I had met a teenager who had lived through the experience and gone on to do productive things with their life. I love fishing and was fortunate to have friends that let me borrow their fishing equipment and took me fishing. I would have been overjoyed to have a new fishing rod and equipment. It would have boosted my morale and overall happiness. That made me realize if I give gifts to others, it would help them recover from their surgery.

     My gifts are meant to aid teenagers with the mental and spiritual aspects of their recovery by bringing them happiness and an outlet for rediscovery and appreciation. The way fishing, swimming, and water polo did for me.

     After my surgery the post traumatic stress was unbearable at times and left me depressed. Through fishing and surrounding myself in nature, I gained a greater appreciation for life and all the great things this world has to offer. I am generally happy to be alive and appreciate the beauty in life and experiences. Coming to that realization is key to anyone recovering from a traumatic event. It would be endlessly fulfilling to help other teenagers recovering from brain surgery come to the same realization.

     I needed a way to reach other teenagers recovering from brain surgery. I could not wait any longer to start New Fin. In my opinion, it is imperative for teenagers recovering from brain surgery to meet another teenage survivor. When I was recovering from my surgery, meeting adult survivors did not have as great as an impact as meeting a teenage survivor would have. It was very hard for me to imagine that adults could relate to what I went through. Now, I am determined to provide the gifts and mentorship I wish I had during my experience.