Rock the River!

This past weekend New Fin participated in the Rock the River Charity event hosted by the Little by Little foundation. They are an excellent Foundation that focuses on children and their families dealing with a brain tumor diagnosis In memory of Kimberly Maguire who died from Glioblastoma (GBM) Feb 26 2017. They specifically focus on assisting families in financial need of their day to day expenses as well as assisting them with the unfunded costs of treatment to ensure every child has access to potential life saving treatment. They also look to increase awareness of all forms of brain tumors through fundraisers, activities and education.


The Little by Little Foundation hosted a rock concert with some amazing artistes in Toms River, New Jersey this past Saturday. New Fin sold merchandise to further our mission of supporting other teenagers with the mental and spiritual aspects of recovering from brain surgery. The concert was an absolute success and had an amazing turn out!

A highlight of the day was meeting Jordyn Small and her family. Jordyn is a teenager who is recovering from brain cancer. It’s always a pleasure to meet teenagers who I have mentored and helped along their journey. Jordyn is an energetic bubbly teenager who is conquering her tumor! After chatting with her and her family in person, It is apparent she has an amazing support system who will be with her every step of the way! Her Mother, Father, and Grandparents are simply amazing and kind people. I have learned a few important things from her and her family about perseverance and cant wait to share them with you!